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iMacros Password Tool V2

The password tool creates new, 256-bit AES-encrypted password strings for use with iMacros. Just enter your master password, the password to encrypt and press the "Encrypt" button.

This new password tools works with iMacros for Firefox V6.5 and later, iMacros for Chrome V1.0.4 and later and the iMacros Browser / iMacros for IE V7 Beta and later.

Please use V1 of the password tool if you need to create passwords for iMacros V6.x.

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iMacros Password Tool

Master Password:

Website password to encrypt (used to create a secure password string for use in iMacros)
OR: Enter website password to decrypt (enter password string from an imacro here)

Important: This tool uses the same Javascript code as the iMacros for Firefox extension. The password de- and encryption is done locally on your computer. No data is sent over Internet. As a test, you will see that this page even works when your PC is offline. All iMacros versions use 256-bit AES encryption, so the password strings you create can be used with all iMacros versions.

For experts: You can download and inspect the open-sourced code (enc.js and rijndael.js) .

For more information about the iMacros password encryption please see the Wiki:




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