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How to use Windows BATCH files

How to use Windows BATCH files: 

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A batch file is a plain text file that contains a number of DOS commands, each of which could be run individually from the command prompt. By putting them into a batch file, they can be run as a group by simply running the batch file.

Note that the commands execute in the order they appear in the batch file, and that anything that causes a command to halt will also halt the batch file. As a workaround you can start several batch files at the same time.

This does not apply if you start external programs with a batch file. In this case the external program is started and the batch file does NOT wait for the external program to stop.  If you want Windows to wait until the external program is finished before proceeding to the command in the next line use "start /wait yourfile.exe". Example: The iMacros macroswill execute simultaneously. 

You create a batch file by using an ASCII text editor, such as DOS EDIT, or Windows Notepad. When you have created the batch file, you save it with a file name, and give it the extension *.bat. For a small example batch file to automate web surfing please see the iMacros FAQ.

Tip: Do you need to automate Web and Internet tasks? Then iOpus iMacros is the solution for you. Click here for Internet automation and web testing examples or see the simple batch file example code directly (1,2,3,4)

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